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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any trouble with your import into, you can contact us through support here. Here are some common questions regarding imports from a self-hosted site.

All of my content did not come over from my previous site. What should I do?

If you still have the export file from your site, you can try to reimport the file following the steps above. Any existing content will not be duplicated. The importer will only upload new content that hasn’t already been uploaded.

It’s also important to note that the import can take ten minutes or more, depending on how much content you are importing from your self-hosted site.

If you have tried the import multiple times and are still missing content, contact us through support here, and we will be happy to take a look.

How do I use my custom domain ( with my site?

You can map your domain to use with your site. The specific instructions will vary depending on where your domain is registered. If you registered your domain with Blogger, you can follow the steps here to change your name servers to point them to You will want to use the following name servers:


If you registered your domain elsewhere, you will want to follow the full instructions here to map your custom domain to your site.

You can also transfer your domain to so that both your site and domain are managed here. We have the steps on how to transfer your domain to on this page.

My theme didn’t transfer over. How do I customize the look of my site on

Your theme will not move to in the import. However, you can check out the available themes on at Many of the themes are available on You can use the selectors at the top of the page to choose between different theme features and click the ellipsis icon to view a theme demo or active a theme on your site.

If you have the new Business Plan for your site, you will also have the option to upload a custom theme. From the Themes section in the left sidebar, select the Upload a Theme button located in the upper right corner. You will still need to go through the theme setup process, but this will apply the custom theme to your site.

My plugin(s) didn’t transfer over. How do I install those on my site on

The plugins installed on your self-hosted site will not transfer when you import your content. In order to install/upload custom plugins for your site, you will need to have the Business Plan. Once your site is on our Business Plan, you will be able to install and/or upload custom plugins from the Plugins page.

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