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Save your Content

The fastest way to save your content from a drag-and-drop or HTML-builder is to save each individual page to your computer.

For each page you’d like to replicate, go to File > Save Page As > Webpage, Complete

This will save a copy of all your photos and writing in a duplicate page, saved to your computer; it will also create some sub-folders where you can access all your files:

Images: If you use the above method to save your pages, your images will save, but they will sometimes be cropped or resized to the same size as they display on the website. This means the full size of some images may not The best way to include full-size images in your new website is to upload them from their original files directly from your computer.

A Note about GoDaddy’s Site Builder: Moving images from your GoDaddy media library can be a bit tricky, especially if you were hoping to download full-sized images. This is possible from GoDaddy’s Version 6 of the site builder by following these directions, but many people are using Version 7. There is no way to download your media library if you are using GoDaddy’s Version 7 of their site builder.

However, if you’re using GoDaddy’s drag-and-drop site builder and do not have full-sized copies of your images on your computer, if you have a Business Plan with, you may be able to use this plugin to auto-upload images from your existing site.

Step Two: Create Your Site

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