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Set Up Your Theme

It is time to set up your theme! This is essentially the overall look and feel of your site; we have hundreds of free and Premium themes available, some of which may look similar to your site, some of which may be totally new!

Whether you want to try and replicate the general look or feel of your former site or try out something new, one thing you can be assured of is that your new site will look polished and professional!

If you like your current theme, you can go to My Sites > Customize to begin working!

If you want to select a new theme or try out several new ones, you can find all of’s options by following this link to see your options!

Want to make your theme look like the demo? We have instructions for that!

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 4.38.59 PM

Go to My Sites > Customize > Need help setting up your site? to find your theme’s specific set-up instructions.

Every theme is a little different and can do different things – there’s no right or wrong one, so find one you truly love!

Your Final Step: 

Social media and sidebars and footers, oh my! has a ton of additional features that can frequently be added to sidebars, footers, and social media. You can search for cool new features here to add to your site!

Did you buy a domain with your drag-and-drop or HTML hosting provider?

Want to use it with your new website?

Head over to the section on using your custom domain with your website!

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