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How to convert an HTML site to WordPress

Many different website hosts have their own custom-built website building tools. These offerings help people who do not have the experience to code a site from scratch, to create a website of their own. This makes them seem like a great idea!

However, people find these drag-and-drop website builders have some drawbacks because they are a one-size-fits-all offering; they tend to lack the personalization and functionality of many modern sites. Additionally, the lack of crisp, clean lines that dragging-and-dropping sometimes creates, can make a page look less than professional, and these sites don’t necessarily transfer cleanly to cellphones or tablets.

Moving to solves those problems and can bring an additional level of crisp professionalism to any site.

Because drag-and-drop site builders and HTML-only options don’t offer an export option, to migrate the content of your site from a site builder to you will need to manually copy and paste your site content, which can take a good bit of time and work.

The good news: once you move your work to, moving your information to a new host will be much easier from then on!

Step One: Make copies of your content (images, posts, and pages)

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